The Second Coming

“The Irish dance is both skillful and playful, while the

and playful, while the aerial work is truly magical



A Hawk’s Well Theatre & Fidget Feet Production

On this day begins an inspired journey to life rediscovered. Ireland’s greatest poet, W. B. Yeats has returned. This is the story of his Second Coming. This is a spectacle – a feast for the senses featuring traditional Irish music and dance, theatre, film and aerial circus.

“Rarely do so many arts come together to make something this exciting and beautiful. The audience sat open-mouthed in wonder…” 

– Meg Harper, Director of the International Yeats Summer School


Director: Mikel Murfi

Producer: Marie Byrne

Musical Direction: Michael Rooney

Writing & Art Direction: Jym Daly

Choreography: Chantal McCormick & The Dancers

Lighting: Nick McCall

Costumes: Abby Grewcock

Rigging: Lee Clayden & Johann Hattingh

Photography: Jym Daly & Yvonne Ryan

Original Cast: Keira Martin, Ashlene McFadden, Lee Clayden, Sianna Bruce, Ciaran Connolly, Maire Dee, Kathryn Cooley, Marcus Lamb, Michael Rooney, Mike McGoldrick, John-Joe Kelly, Damien O’Kane

Where to see this show

The Second Coming is currently not touring

A feast for the senses featuring traditional Irish music and dance, theatre, film and aerial circus.

Witness a gravity-defying troupe of performers who will leave you spell bound. This show is a co-production between Fidget Feet & Sligo’s Hawk’s Well Theatre, funded by the Arts Council of Ireland. Come and see the heart of Irish culture being set free and given wings to fly.

“What a triumph… the music was super, world-class, the dancing amazing, the concept, the visuals, great…”

– Steve Wickham, The Waterboys

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It’s Dance! It’s Creative! It’s flying with style! Combining athleticism & creative expression. While using low-hanging trapeze, aerial silks, spirals, hoops & cocoons. A beautiful art form, while having fun and building strength!

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