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Get ready to experience the ultimate entertainment that will leave you spellbound. From heart-pumping pyro and crane performances to thrilling aerial hang abouts, we have got it all covered. So, get ready to create unforgettable memories with our amazing range of entertainment options!

What we offer

Aerial Hoop

With dizzying displays of strength and grace, this form of entertainment does not disappoint. A simple circle of steel suspended from a single point. Also available as a triple hoop display

Aerial Fabric

Aerial fabric is an eye-catching performance that never ceases to amaze audiences. Two lengths of luxurious fabric suspended from a single point. Various fabric colours are available


This quintessential circus apparatus can be used for a spinning soloist or a classic duet or trouple.

Aerial Rope

Beautiful in its simplicity. A single rope showcases the aerialist’s strength and artistry. Various rope colours are available.

Aerial Spiral

These mesmerising steel spirals are pieces of art. They become even more bewitching as our dancers spin and glide within them

Aerial Crane

For the biggest possible wow factor, have Fidget Feets experienced team dangle from a crane! We offer a range of crane options to suit your needs, including day and night displays with or without pyrotechnics. Choose from a 15-40 minute show or a 2-3 hour aerial display.

Fidget Feet Characters

Select from a variety of characters to add an element of quirkiness to your event. Fidget Feet has an extensive wardrobe department. You name it we got it!

Since 1998, Fidget Feet have created, established and nurtured the aerial dance sector in Ireland, and created international connections and collaborations. Over 35 shows have been created and toured in this time, ranging from indoor, outdoor, crane, and vertical dance performances around iconic Irish landmarks, shows for young audiences, community development regionally, professional development through establishing Ireland’s first aerial dance festival and training center. These performances and opportunities take place throughout the country to make the art form accessible to all. 

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It’s Dance! It’s Creative! It’s flying with style! Combining athleticism & creative expression. While using low-hanging trapeze, aerial silks, spirals, hoops & cocoons. A beautiful art form, while having fun and building strength!

Wanna try it out?

Our Aerial Creation Centre in Limerick provides workshops, kids classes, adult classes & bootcamps.