Celebrating 15 years


A fun-filled drive-in spectacular, with aerial dance, circus, theatre, and bingo!


Street dance, hip hop culture, and aerial dance theatre mixed with an operatic twist. 

vibrant, raw, enchanting & uplifting.

Fidget Feet is the leading aerial dance theatre in Ireland. Producing original shows that create impact in terms of visual scale, agility and emotional engagement.

Fidget Feet is the national company for aerial arts in Ireland. We create and tour a wide range of original aerial shows across Ireland and internationally. These shows invoke a sacred energy, connecting hearts across the globe. Creativity is at the source of every element of what we do, and we deliver compelling, engaging work. We pursue a vision that is artist-led. 

As the leaders in aerial arts, we continue to develop a healthy infrastructure for the aerial arts sector in Ireland. We offer a vibrant program of aerial training running the Irish Aerial Dance Festival in Donegal, opening the Irish Aerial Creation Centre in Limerick, as artist in residence at Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in University of Limerick and through a range of public engagement projects alongside our shows. 

We continue to develop our award-winning commercial work. We bring our artistic flair to any event, transforming the client’s ideas into memorable experiences with our renowned creativity at the heart of all our work. 

We are funded by the Arts Council of Ireland  

Soar Ups 2024

Meet the Soar Ups of 2024 

The Emma Insley Creation Fund


Irish Aerial Dance Festival 2024

15th – 28th July 2024


Celebrating 15 years

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