The Flying Train Trail


Choreographer: Chantal McCormick

Composer: Jym Daly

Performers: Jym Daly, Chantal McCormick, Beverley Grant, Jenny Tufts, Sara Granda, Oran Leong, Roisin Harten

Costume designer: Fidget Feet, Clare Horgan, Spraoi Studios

Head Rigger: Bryan Donaldson, High-Performance Productions

Riggers: Tony Mahon, Conal O’Fiannachta

Sound: Jacob Woulfe

Photography: Waterford in your Pocket, Frankie McEvoy, Paddy Tubbritt, Tony Penkert

Commissioned by: Waterford Spraoi

Produced by: Fidget Feet

Where to see this show

The Flying Train Trail is currently not touring

“The Flying Train Trail proved a major attraction during Greenway Spraoi. It showcased Fidget Feet’s imaginative scope and high artistic ambition. Fidget Feet blend music, dance and aerial in shows that ignite audiences’ hearts and minds.”

T.V. Honan – Director, Waterford Spraoi

The ancient east has old tales and secrets to tell from strategic marriages, to sun gods and saints surrounded by rivers, lush green lands, an oats factory… A circus train transports an aerial troupe in to the town of Kilmacthomas. Fidget Feet introduced a dramatic vertical dance spectacle to Waterford Greenway with stunning performances on the facade of Kilmacthomas Viaduct. As part of Spraoi 2021, this show was co-commissioned by Waterford Spraoi Festival.

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It’s Dance! It’s Creative! It’s flying with style! Combining athleticism & creative expression. While using low-hanging trapeze, aerial silks, spirals, hoops & cocoons. A beautiful art form, while having fun and building strength!

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