The Firebirds

Flying musicians, A dance through the air and the Firebirds



“Those that were there will never view Irish dancing or music in the same light again. It was an amazing spectacle.”

– The Irish World

The sky is our stage as Fidget Feet clamber over two massive construction cranes to present this aerial circus spectacle. With eight aerial dancers, six musicians, two cranes, an actor, a fire-performer and thousands of people watching, you’ll never look at traditional Irish music or dance in the same way again. This story of the magic contained within lifts the action off the ground and take it high up into the skies.


Devised: Fidget Feet

Director: Chantal McCormick

Mentor: Mikel Murfi

Score & Design: Jym Daly

Costumes: Abby Grewcock & April Pressley

Production Management: Pete Jordan

Rigging: High Performance Productions

Music: Jym Daly & Cormac Byrne

Original Cast: Chantal McCormick, Cormac Byrne, Ashlene McFadden, Keira Martin, Maire Dee, Kathryn Cooley, Timothy O’Sullivan, Lee Clayden, Ria Murphy, Ciaran Connolly, Martin Tourish, Irene Schuberth, Mark Wilson, Anne-Marie Hickey, Ronan McKee, Mickey McGuinness, Mark Hennessy

“… left thousands spellbound…”

The Irish Times

Aerial Circus, live music, fire performance and visual magic all come together to create a new myth for our times. Originally commissioned by the Derry Fleadh Cheoil 2013 as part of the City of Culture celebrations, Firebirds is dedicated to Emma Insley and her family and was first development in 2008 with support from Donegal County Council and St Patrick’s Festival, Dublin and the Cavan Fleadh Cheoil 2012. In 2014 Firebirds closed the international Festival de las Artes in Costa Rica to more than 9000 people.

Where to see this show

The Second Coming is currently not touring


It’s Dance! It’s Creative! It’s flying with style! Combining athleticism & creative expression. While using low-hanging trapeze, aerial silks, spirals, hoops & cocoons. A beautiful art form, while having fun and building strength!

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