The Emma Insley 

Aerial Creation Fund

The Emma Insley Aerial Creation Fund PROVIDES funding towards a test idea. an explorative collaboration. To build skills in the process of generating innovative creative work.

Emma Insley was one of Fidget Feet’s artists performing and touring with us from 2005 to 2008. She loved Ireland, loved to fly from cranes and loved to party. She was a very talented artist and this Aerial Creation fund is in loving memory of her.

Chantal McCormick - Creative Director

"True Art Heals"

Adi Da Samraj

Emma Insley joyfully yelled “I love my job!” as she sat back to back with her friend Chantal on a giant representation of the Earth as it lifted into the Donegal skies.

Applications now closed

Application Process

  • Upload your application by clicking “Apply Here”
  • To describe your idea and answer a few questions, upload a project budget, lead and collaborating artist cv, and a work sample.
  • Deadline is 30th March 2024 
  • Decision on 9th April 2024 
  • This fund is to develop a 15-30mins contemporary aerial dance piece 
  • Can be a duet or trio 
  • IADF will offer the €4000 aerial creation fund and technical support for the piece during the second week of the IADF.  We will not pay for flights or accommodation.
  • We will offer two 1 hour Zoom mentorships with Chantal McCormick. A two 1 hour Zoom with Lindsey Butcher and a two 1 hour Zoom with Jennifer Patterson to support the creative process. 
  • We can offer a discount on the 2-week pass of the IADF to successful artists
  • We can write letters of support for any applications to any other funding possibilities you may have 

IADF is celebrating its 15th anniversary This Year.

It has always been important to run the IADF in Donegal bringing aerialists from all over the world and to fill the hearts and sky of Donegal so that Emma’s love of aerial continues and the IADF celebrates her life.


The Emma Insley Aerial Creation Fund

To celebrate 15 years of bringing the Irish Aerial Dance Festival to Donegal, Fidget Feet and the Insley family are offering one €4000 Aerial Creation Fund to one selected group to perform on Saturday the 27th of July as part of the Emma Insley Cabaret show in An Grianan Theatre in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland.

Who is eligible

  • An aerialist who has attended the IADF in the last 15 years as a teacher or a participant 
  • An aerialist who is planning to attend the festival this year (2024)
  • Proof you are a professional aerialist who has at least 3-5 years experience in creating work and performing aerial at any events 

Emma was a happy soul whether on the ground or in the air, which is where she spent a lot of her life as a very talented dance/circus aerialist.

This fund is made possible by Donegal County Council and fundraising is lovingly carried out by the Insley Family


It’s Dance! It’s Creative! It’s flying with style! Combining athleticism & creative expression. While using low-hanging trapeze, aerial silks, spirals, hoops & cocoons. A beautiful art form, while having fun and building strength!

Wanna try it out?

Our Aerial Creation Centre in Limerick provides workshops, kids classes, adult classes & bootcamps.